True Victims of the War on Drugs

This story is getting a lot of attention as it should. This is a peaceful couple. A man treating his glaucoma with plants that he grew in his basement. He wasn’t selling it, they weren’t bothering anyone yet his property was stolen right before his eyes while all he could do was sit quietly and watch it happen.

His pharmacist says it all:

The couple’s pharmacist in the nearby town of Drexel, Mo., thinks the whole thing is ridiculous.

“They are good people and he found a treatment that works for him,” said Mark Finke at Drexel Pharmacy. “I fully support them. He has tried things I have here, but nothing works for glaucoma like marijuana and you would be hard-pressed to find a doctor to say otherwise.

“He wasn’t hurting anyone. I have drugs in here like OxyContin that are legal and they kill someone every day.”




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